Client Comments

I valued the PERSONAL interest in my case. I felt totally confident because she LISTENS, is attentive and cared deeply about me, my emotions and the case. The ongoing personal attention was unbelievable. The service I received by everyone was remarkable. The whole office made me feel like I was her only case. I knew I was dealing with an expert who was super intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely confident.”
— Former NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball Head Coach

“You don’t have to chase ambulances, your clients come to you. You make your clients’ problems yours in the courtroom with the utmost professionalism. Forever glad that you were part of our lives.”—Chet Politowicz

Those who are fortunate enough to be represented by Deb Gordon and her team can expect a passionate commitment to their cause. Deb’s clients have the security of being in tremendously capable hands. Observing Deb was like observing a gifted chess player: she inevitably made the right decision at the right time, all the while staying several moves ahead of opposing counsel.”
— P. Pucillo, Law Professor. Pucillo, et al. v Monaghan and Ave Maria Law School, Washtenaw County Circuit Court

"I came into this case completely uneducated on our judicial system having no legal experience whatsoever.  Deb and her staff were all more than willing to answer all of my questions.  I was very impressed with everyone's professionalism and knowledge.  After my first day of court, it was very easy walking into court with Deb as my lawyer as it was clear that everyone in the room knew she was the best and of her expertise and experience. Normally I make it a firm rule not to recommend anyone as it's not worth my reputation in case something goes wrong.  However, in this rare circumstance, I would highly recommend Deb and her staff to anyone needing quality legal representation."

—J. Runske, Controller

I was fortunate enough to have Deb Gordon and her team fight for me during one of the lowest points in my career. They worked exceptionally hard without jeopardizing my integrity or my future career.”
— Pamela Thomas, Michigan Dept. of Corrections, Prison Deputy Warden/Inspector. Duncan v Michigan Dept, of Corrections, Wayne County Circuit Court

“It takes a lot to impress me. So you can imagine, having heard Deborah Gordon’s seminar years ago in law school, I kept her brochure thinking, ‘if I ever need a lawyer, she’ll be the one.’ Ten years went by, I found that brochure, dusted it off and called Deborah Gordon. No surprise, she not only had that special mix of commitment to me but also the fire to fight for me. Being in the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner and as a Critical Care Nurse, as well as a licensed attorney, I have seen many professionals come and go over the years. It is my impression that Deborah Gordon is one of the brightest stars in the legal ‘arena.’ My advice: as I kept that brochure over the years, keep this endorsement, and be honored, not that you have chosen Deborah’s team, but that she has chosen you to represent your cause.”

—P. Barszenski, Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse, Board Certified; Lawyer. Barszenski v DMC, Wayne County Circuit Court

"The Deborah Gordon law office was truly a blessing. The professional, compassionate attention to my case was first class. They listened to me, believed in me and fought for me for more than 7 years. I could not have been successful with my case without them!"

—Kevin Fischer, former UPS National Accounts Manager Fisher v. UPS, United States District Court

My experience with Deborah Gordon was exceptional. She is a phenomenal attorney for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. She handled my case with a focus and determination, for which I will always be indebted and thankful. I can’t thank Deborah, associates and staff enough for the warmth and friendliness they showed me and for helping me achieve victory with my lawsuit.”
— Michele Horton, Horton v. 48th District Court, United States District Court

"Along with two other women, I was refused work because of sex discrimination. Not knowing what to do and where to go, I found Deb Gordon. Deb Gordon took our cases and we won. There is no stopping the attorneys and staff at Deb Gordon's. They are beyond belief. Professionals that know your case and take charge. After watching them in court I thank God for Deb Gordon and the rest of the staff for taking my case and making me feel like family. My experience was unbelievable. They cower to NO ONE...I can't say enough about them."

—Gail Wrobbel, IBEW Local 17 Electrical Worker

“Ms. Gordon and her entire staff were brilliant. They knew how to position the issues, when to push and when to be patient. I highly recommend them.”
“Deborah took my case and prevailed when others turned it down because they couldn’t see the merit or were afraid of the opposition. I pity the defendants who have to undergo her cross-examination.”
— R. Grubola, Art Director

“Even though Deborah was a very busy and much sought after attorney, she found the time to take my case. Needless to say she was victorious for me. Although I admire everything about Deborah, the thing that touches me the most is that after all these years when I have called on other occasions she has made me feel like a special client. Always willing to help at any cost. Deborah always gives her all when it comes to fighting for justice.”

—Sam Milton, Police Lieutenant. Milton v. The City of Ecorse, United States District Court

“I thank Deborah Gordon and her staff for the huge victory and the success with my lawsuit. Deb and her staff kept me informed with regard to my case. This was not an easy case but Deb handled it with such devotion and belief in my civil rights and that is why she won my case!”
— Lisa Kesner, Corporate Flight Attendant. Kesner v Olympia Aviation; Detroit Tigers, United States District Court

"From the moment I became Deborah Gordon's client, I knew I was working with a lawyer who was not only excellent in her field, but truly cared about me and understood what I was going through. She treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. Deborah Gordon's team was dedicated and demonstrated top notch efficiency.

It was reassuring to sit in a deposition with Ms. Gordon because of her level of preparedness and expertise. Watching her defend my case made me so thankful that I had her representing me and not the opposing side who were obviously not of her caliber. The degree to which she knew my case and the law was amazing. She often told me not to worry about anything because that's what I had her for and she was right. We were victorious in my lawsuit because of her brilliance in defending civil law. There is no one I would rather have representing me than Deborah Gordon. I will always hold her in high regard and be thankful that I had her representing me during a very difficult time in my life. She is a tiger when it comes to fighting for justice."

J. Brown, School District Administrator. Brown V Pontiac Board of Education, Oakland County Circuit Court