Employment Retaliation

You did the right thing. You reported the harassment or discrimination you were experiencing at work. Suddenly, or slowly over time, you notice that your job duties are changing, or you did not get a bonus. Perhaps you have been fired. This may be illegal retaliation.

Michigan civil rights laws state that an employee should not be treated differently after reporting an incident of discrimination. Retaliation lawsuits can take many forms, including:

  • Retaliation for having filed or complained about sexual harassment or other discrimination that was directed at you or a co-worker.

  • Public policy tort: If your employer asks you to do something illegal and you refuse, you should not be terminated or punished.

  • Workers' compensation: When injured on the job, some employers would prefer that you do not file for workers' compensation benefits. If you are retaliated against because you filed for worker's compensation, call us.

  • You should not be treated differently for taking time off work for disability or illness.

  • If you discovered you are pregnant or you just had a baby, your employer cannot discriminate against you.

I can come in and level the playing field. Not only level the playing field but make it right. Make right what has happened to my client. “
— Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Deborah Gordon