Deborah Gordon has been fighting for the rights of Michigan citizens for more than three decades.  

The attorneys at Deborah Gordon Law have experience in every facet of employment and civil rights law. We are thorough, practical and appropriately aggressive.

We represent individuals from every type of employment: company presidents and CEOs, teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, professors, janitors, auto workers, waitresses,  and government employees, among many others. We also represent students and citizens whose rights have been violated by the government, such as a police department, a school district or a university.   Our goal is to assist you in protecting and enforcing your legal rights when they have been violated.  Those rights come from state and federal laws that have been enacted or from a contract you have entered into.  We are experts at understanding and enforcing these laws and contracts and at explaining  your rights and options.  It is important to understand that not everyone who has been treated unfairly has a case, and we will explain that to you when appropriate. 

Ms. Gordon’s record of winning in state and federal courts is outstanding.  She has won tens of millions of dollars for her clients, representing those whose legal rights have been violated.  Some of her trial work has been on a "pro bono" basis; for example, in 1986 she successfully fought to stop the Michigan State Police from instituting a plan to use drunk driving roadblocks throughout the state, on the basis that it would be a violation of citizens’ civil liberties. 

Deborah Gordon is an accomplished lawyer who brings her passion for justice to her work every day.

Having the truth on your side is the key to everything I do.”
— Employment and Civil Rights Attorney Deborah Gordon

Ms. Gordon has assembled an excellent team.  Our clients become a part of the team, working toward a common goal - obtaining the best possible result in your case. The firm is small and selective. We take cases we believe in.  The attorneys come to know their clients well, walking them through some of the most difficult times in their personal and professional lives. 

Ms. Gordon has deep roots in Detroit and is the daughter of the legendary Lou Gordon, Detroit’s crusading broadcast journalist during the 1960-70s.  Lou has been described as " Detroit’s Mike Wallace, a broadcast cop who cowered before no one. The bigger the interview, the tougher he got. Gordon was, by far, the most feared man in television, maybe in the history of the local medium." (From Soupy to Nuts! A History of Detroit Television, Tim Kiska, Momentum Books LLC, 2005.) Ms. Gordon took the lessons she learned at the dinner table – honesty, fearlessness, perseverance, intellectual curiosity – and an inherent and abiding sense of right and wrong, and applied them to her career in law.  The firm’s results speak for themselves.

Deborah Gordon Law focuses mainly on civil rights and employment law.

These are highly specialized areas of law. General practice firms simply don’t have the knowledge or skills to take on these complicated cases. Because of Ms. Gordon’s lengthy and successful practice in this arena, she and her team are uniquely qualified to take on these cases and win.  Knowledge of the law is not enough, of course. Deborah Gordon is also a talented courtroom litigator, able to persuade jurors and judges in even the most complicated of cases. Selecting the best attorney is critical. Call for a free consultation to find out if the specialists at Deborah Gordon Law can help.