Sexual Harassment Rarely Just Goes Away

Despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century, sexual discrimination and harassment still exist in the work force. While this is the unfortunate reality, state and federal laws exist that can protect you.

Normal reactions to discrimination or harassment are frustration, anger and resignation. Before you give up, find out about your legal options. 

Some women may believe that if they simply ignore the behavior, the harassment will stop.

That approach is rarely successful.

Many victims of sexual harassment and discrimination are afraid to report the incident. You may feel that if you say or do anything, your career will be over. We can help you find strategies and discuss your options. The earlier we can help in your sexual harassment and discrimination case, the better.

Additionally, if you are pregnant or you just had a baby and you have noticed a change in the way you are treated at work, call us. Pregnancy discrimination is illegal. From bus drivers to corporate executives, we have served a wide array of clients who have been sexually harassed or discriminated against in Michigan.

“Along with two other women, I was refused work because of sex discrimination...There is no stopping the attorneys and staff at Deb Gordon’s...After watching them in court I thank God for Deb Gordon and the rest of the staff for taking my case and making me feel like family. My experience was unbelievable. They cower to NO ONE...I can’t say enough about them.”
— Gail Wrobbel, IBEW Local 17 Electrical Worker