Wrongful discharge

At-Will Employment vs. Just Cause Employment Status

If you are a non-union employee and have no written contract in Michigan, you may be an "at-will" employee. Your employer does not need a good reason, or just cause, to fire you.

However, your employer may have a policy or practice of discharging employees only for good or just cause. That policy may exist in a handbook, or may be based on your reasonable expectations. During your free initial phone conversation with the Detroit wrongful termination lawyers at the Law Offices of Deborah L. Gordon, we will determine if your employment status makes you a "just cause" employee and explain your legal options.

You Have A Legitimate Claim, Now What?

Those with a "wrongful discharge" case will be thoroughly represented by our experienced wrongful discharge lawyers. If your wrongful termination claim is successful, you may be able to obtain the following:

  • Your former benefits and position may be reinstated

  • You could receive back pay and lost front pay

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